Following a Section 50 license application, and as part of a comprehensive programme of regeneration, Liverpool City Council has approved the felling of the overgrown London Plane trees on Voelas Street. The trees are scheduled for felling Saturday, 21st April.

Placefirst realise the felling of existing trees may cause anxiety to some members of the community, and we have looked at a range of options to keep them, but there are several factors that have prevented us from doing this:

  • The trees have not been properly managed for several years and their size dwarfs the 2-storey properties
  • During the growing season the trees effectively form a canopy over the street; whilst Placefirst appreciate this may be a nice feature to look at, it would mean most of the homes on Voelas Street will not have access to direct sunlight. 
  • As part of our comprehensive refurbishment and remodelling of Victorian properties, we are laying new utilities down the street and, due to the overgrown nature of the trees and their root balls, it is not possible to lay the necessary new infrastructure.

  • We plan to lay new paved footpaths and subtly remodelling the streets to enhance on-street parking – producing a consistent finish throughout will not be possible with the existing trees in place

  • Each existing tree will be replaced with new semi-mature cherry blossom trees – there are currently 12 trees on Voelas Street and we are planting 13 new trees in the initial phase of development

  • As part of a wider masterplan for the area, Placefirst are proposing to introduce new tree planting to every street within the masterplan area – streets such as Rhiwlas, Powis and Madryn Street have a limited numbers of trees or none at all in the case of Powis Street
  • In addition, we also plan to introduce new street planting around the trees and within the building curtilage between bay windows on Voelas Street – we are doing all we can to create an attractive, green character for the refurbished Welsh Streets
  • We have instructed the team undertaking the felling to cut the trunks into managable sections so that we can consider their creative re-use within the development such as benches, sculptures/public art, play areas, etc