Placefirst Submit Plans for First New-Build Homes at Award Winning Welsh Streets Development

The award-winning regeneration of The Welsh Streets took another step forward this week as Placefirst submitted plans for 52 new-build homes as part of the ongoing transformation of Victorian terraced streets.

Under plans submitted to Liverpool City Council this week, the latest £8m proposal is set to deliver a mix of 1/2/3/4-bedroom houses as part of a wider 299 home masterplan that includes the comprehensive refurbishment of over 300 Victorian terraced properties.

The newly built homes, located on Voelas Street, South Street and Wynnstay Street, will occupy a mix of longstanding vacant sites and areas where refurbishment has not been possible. Once delivered, the new homes will stitch together the historic street pattern of The Welsh Streets and transform South Street, a key pedestrian route currently characterised by blank gable walls.

The new homes have been designed to create a modern, complimentary contrast with the Victorian terraces and use a palette of materials that ensure a consistent streetscape design across The Welsh Streets. Similar to the refurbished properties, the new homes will have access to attractive landscaped communal avenues which are replacing traditional yards and alleys typically associated with terraced housing.

IMAGE ABOVE: A computer generated image of the proposed homes on South Street.


Proposals for the new-build homes were shared with the local community and senior council officers at a public consultation event held at Placefirst’s marketing suite on 14th December 2018.

Subject to planning approval and enabling works, Placefirst aim to commence construction by Summer 2019, working with in-house contractor, Placefirst Construction.

David Smith-Milne, Managing Director of Placefirst commented:

“These new designs for Welsh Streets will make a great contribution to the ongoing regeneration of this historic neighbourhood, and offer even more people a genuine alternative to volume housebuilder solutions that are increasingly homogenous and devoid of any genuine placemaking.

At a time when Build-to-Rent is largely characterised by small, urban apartments aimed at the young, and ownership starter-homes offer little other that small, identikit houses disconnected from established communities, Placefirst are creating aspirational, larger and architecturally exciting homes and leading the way in housing can be exciting and interesting once again.

Families with children make up the largest section of the private rented sector, yet very few are benefitting from the market clamour to Build-to-Rent. We are proud of our award-winning track record in Build-to-Rent communities and these new properties will offer long-term and secure residencies for their new occupiers when they become available in early 2020.”

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Placefirst 2018 Review

The review summarises all the things we have achieved over the last twelve months and highlights the many of the key events throughout the year.

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Placefirst submits planning application for first new-build rental community.

Placefirst, the award-winning build-to-rent developer, has submitted a planning application that could transform a long-term vacant site into a new, purpose-built rental community of 113 family homes.

Under proposals submitted to Sheffield City Council last week, Placefirst propose a mix of three and four-bedroom family homes off Skye Edge Avenue. The site, located on a prominent position overlooking Sheffield city centre, has previously been awaiting redevelopment since 2005.

The plans for the new homes were shared with the local community and ward members at a public consultation event at the Skye Edge social centre on 14th September 2018.

Subject to planning approval and enabling works, Placefirst aim to commence construction in early 2019, working with in-house contractor, Placefirst Construction.

David Smith-Milne, Managing Director of Placefirst commented:

The homes proposed for Skye Edge will set a new benchmark in private renting for the families of Sheffield. Through our build-to-rent approach not only will we create best-in-class homes, we will compliment those homes with professionally managed outdoor spaces where neighbours can socialise and a community can flourish.

More families are renting than ever before and the need for a reliable, quality offer has never been greater. Our homes offer a genuine, high-quality alternative for working families priced out of the housing market, or who prefer to the flexibility of renting.

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Placefirst proudly celebrates another award for its West End One development

Specialist build-to-rent developer Placefirst is proudly celebrating another award for its West End One development at the annual Northern Design Awards ceremony held last week.


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Placefirst’s first conference – Housing the Forgotten Majority

If there is any chance of the Government reaching its housing targets, developers and local councils must work together to bring the private rented sector outside of its city centre strongholds, said leading industry figures at Place North West and Placefirst’s Housing the Forgotten Majority conference.


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